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MITSUBISHI MATERIALS regularly distributes an e-mail newsletter to registered clients in order to quickly deliver the latest DIAEDGE news and information such as new product information, event information, and other news about DIAEDGE and its products.
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  • *To apply, select and fill in the required items and press "Send".
  • *If you want to change the application details, please go to the "Change registration details, stop service" screen.
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About the main contents of the newsletter:

(1) DIAEDGE new product information (each time)
We will provide new product information as soon as possible.
You can be sure to catch all the latest news about new products such as press releases, TOOL NEWS, etc.

(2) MITSUBISHI MATERIALS event information (each time)
Information about various exhibitions and lectures held all over the country will be sent out.
Please participate and let us know any ideas for events you would like to see in the future.

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